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roadstar store

roadstar store

af power kit up grade for exports only


Roadstar communications

 Power amp improvement

The included transistor is a 100-watt, 12A power amp which  provides great voltage stability for the entire radio. This improvemnet eliminates dimming meter lights, voltage drop and also reinforces the radios RF output. A must have for those big radios


The transistor included with this kit improve the clarity and volume of the modulation. The included transister operates at a much cooler temperature and also provides much improved stability as well as much louder, cleaner modulation. This upgrade is highly suggested.

I have these in all my radios take's less than 5 min to install

I will also include instuctionson how to install this very easy to install, i'll even walk you through every step if you need assistance through e-mail or phone my number is included in instructions

Replaces the old B754

Replaces the old 2SA473

In less than 5 min you will have great modulation and great voltage stability.

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